Sporting events

The official Vierdaagse (Four Days Marches) campsite in Nijmegen, the Formula One FanVillage in Austria, and the MXGP of Nations in Assen are just a few examples of large-scale sporting events where Rechargers provided temporary glamping accommodations. Sporting events often require professional ad hoc solutions, taking care of all the organisation’s needs from A to Z so they can remain focused on the event itself.Are you curious about the possibilities? We will be happy to offer professional bespoke advice. Are you interested? Contact us.


Business events

Do you have a company party or team-building event scheduled that requires an overnight stay? Rechargers is no stranger to business events. Businesses increasingly opt for on-site overnight accommodation. ‘Being together’ and ‘teamwork’ are often essential goals during these events. How great would it be if you can contribute to these goals by setting up a pop-up campsite at the location itself instead of sending everyone off separately to a hotel?We can draw from our extensive experience to provide you with plenty of possibilities in this field, from small-scale meetings to large events! Are you interested? Contact us.

Delta kamp


Rechargers’ temporary glamping accommodations provide added value to every festival campsite. At Rechargers, we make sure that festival guests start a new festival day refreshed and recharged. We take care of every need, not only for the festival organisers but also for the guests. The pre-assembled and fully equipped accommodation stands ready and waiting upon arrival and is dismantled professionally as soon as the party is over!  Each year, we supply thousands of accommodations to dozens of festivals in the Netherlands and abroad. Our customers include Tomorrowland, Solar Festival, Decibel Outdoor and Mysteryland. Are you interested? Contact us.



Arrange on-site overnight accommodations for your wedding guests in a unique, comfortable, and atmospheric setting. Rechargers has everything you need to meet this growing trend! Why choose an expensive and bland hotel when other options are available? Our pre-assembled accommodations can contribute to a unique experience to help you celebrate your special day.We will be happy to provide you with inspiration, drawing from our fantastic wedding experiences both in the Netherlands and abroad! Contact us to discuss the possibilities.