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General information


The Rechargers Lodge ensures that ultimate glamping feeling. The two made boxspring beds, luxurious furnishing and wooden terrace with outdoor chairs ensure a great camping experience.

Let’s list the advantages:

  • Raised wooden flooring
  • No ropes
  • Sturdy wooden construction
  • Fast buildup and breakdown time
  • Furnished and decorated
  • Double layered: Innertent and roof → Perfect insulation
  • Low transportation costs
  • Choose your own colors

The properties of the Lodge make it widely employable for all kinds of events. The inner tent is made of the high-quality Ten Cate Campshield fabric and makes it possible to camp throughout all seasons of the year. Choose between various roof colour combinations and match the tent to your event!

Would you like to have the Lodge on your event? Get in touch with us or make an enquiry!


The Lodge exists of a wooden frame, an inner tent made of fire retardant Ten Cate All Season Campshield and a PVC roof. The Lodge is built on wooden flooring, but can also be built on other surfaces.

Dimensions in centimeters:

Ground surface: 400 x 250
Inner tent (LBW): 320 x 250 x 210
Terrace: 80 x 250

Interior and options

Do you choose for the standard edition of the Lodge or do you prefer a coloured roof? Maybe you want to provide your visitors with just that little bit of extra luxury. Everything is possible! That’s why there is a Lodge that fulfils all wishes for every event.

Comes standard with:

  • Two made boxspring beds
  • A nightstand
  • Lighting
  • Two outdoor chairs

In addition, we offer several more options , including but not limited to a wardrobe with built-in safe and power plugs, a minibar or a carpet.

To get an impression of all possibilities we would like to refer you to our contact form.

Would you like to have the Lodge on your event? Get in touch with us or make an enquiry!

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