About us

Smiling satisfied customers and visitors that enthusiastically enter our luxurious accommodations. We know how to realise that wow-factor every single time and, moreover, it gives us a lot of positive energy which comes in handy during the months of continuously building up campsites.

We love happy customers. As organiser of events, parties and festivals, you and we speak the same language. We therefore know with certainty that our luxuriously furnished accommodations with surprise you. Imagine: an expeditiously built campsite with luxurious accommodations furnished with comfortable boxsprings, sturdy ‘walls’, wooden flooring and a convenient nightstand. With everything ready for use, your visitors will want nothing more than to recharge.

Naturally, visitors do not only want to experience the same conveniences they have at home. But also, clean grounds with neatly pitched tents without any visible or invisible damages to neither the terrain or our products. As organiser, you can fulfil every need and want with our accommodations, which are built to ‘be green’. That way you really add value to your social corporate responsibility!

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