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Happily smiling organisers and enthusiastic visitors that step into our luxury tents; we at Rechargers bring the wow factor to our customers time and time again. And that, in turn, keeps us energised, which comes in handy when you spend months creating outdoor sleeping accommodations.

We want you to be more than satisfied with our services. Whether you’re an event, party or festival planner, we speak the same language. That’s why we know that our luxuriously equipped tents will surprise and amaze you. Imagine: an instantly assembled glamping tent furnished to perfection down to the tiniest detail with comfortable box-spring beds, a raised wood platform, nightstand and lighting. Your visitor will immediately want to relax and unwind. Everything is made up and smells delightfully fresh. Who wouldn’t want to dive straight into bed?

Visitors don’t only want to experience the comforts of home. They want to see a clean campsite and properly pitched and well-kept tents without any visible or invisible damages. As an organiser, you can easily accommodate those needs with our outdoor sleeping tents. What’s more, our tents are entirely geared towards sustainable camping.

It’s an ideal way to give your Corporate Social Responsibility image added value!

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