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Recharge your visitors

Welcome to Rechargers

The specialist in luxury accommodation rentals. Readily available, accessible and made of the highest quality.

We offer you the most suitable accommodations for every event. Whatever challenge is ahead, from weddings to outdoor- or business events, our accommodations will enrich your camping grounds.

What we offer

  • Customizable tents
    Match your camping to your event
  • Attractive pricing
    Make your camping profitable
  • High capacity
    With over 10 years of experience and the best partners

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Rechargers - Temporary glamping accommodations - Brochure

Who would not want that: a wonderfully spread bed in the evening and waking up relaxed on your terrace in the morning. And that at a noisy festival or pleasantly busy wedding. Sounds perfect right? That’s what your visitor thinks.

Recharge yourself in a fully furnished, luxury glamping tent and responsible camping, with respect for the environment. We ensure that your visitor gets the camping experience of a lifetime.

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