Colorful designs

With a dash of humor


Made of sustainable materials and leaves no waste



With innertent

For good insulation

General information

By re-inventing the standard camping tent and by producing it with high quality material you get the Rechargers Pop-up tent. The camping tent 2.0.

By choosing the Rechargers Pop-up tent  you choose for sustainability. We pitch the tents for you and take then with us when the event has ended! Thanks to the quality fabrics and professional storing and upkeep of our tents and materials, these tents can be in use for several years. Combine this with the unique appearance of the Pop-up and it’s a fantastic combination.

Let’s list the advantages:

  • Unique Rechargers designs
  • Innertent and flysheet
  • Readily available
  • Low pricing

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The Pop-up tent exists of an A-frame with inner tent and a flysheet. Both fabrics are flame retardant and are certified in accordance to the CPAI-84 norm concerning fire safety.

The inner tent is equipped with ventilations and a hook that can be used for a camping light. It also provides your guest with enough space for luggage, shoes, etc.

Dimensions in centimeters:

Inner tent: (LWH): 240 x 150 x 115
Outer tent: (LWH): 310 x 190 x 130

Interior and options

The Pop-up comes standard with:

  • Two Nomad® sleeping mats, sleeping bags and pillows
  • Lighting

Optionally, we can furnish the Pop-up tents with outdoor chairs, electricity, a minibar or a carpet. Naturally, it is also possible to furnish the Pop-up tents yourself.

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